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She the Cricketer is a heart-warming and sensational story about a young cricket player, Sonia, who is a charming, happy-go-lucky, strong-willed, passionate and courageous girl. While growing up, she discovers her love and passion for cricket and madly falls in love with it. She pursues her dream to play for the national women’s cricket team and she paves her way through to the national team at the age of 17. She is fortunate enough to perform at the international level. Her bigger dream is to keep serving the nation with pride. She goes on to perform exceptionally well at the national level in the following years – breaking and creating national records. However, misfortune strikes when besides the game played on the field, she witnesses and experiences games being played off the field by the big shots of the cricket world, making her abruptly fall out of love with the first love of her life – cricket. She, with a heavy heart and broken dreams, decides to quit. Is her estrangement with cricket ultimate? Or is it that she never really does fall out of love with it?This Book is available in English as well as in Hindi language. 

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